2020 has been crazy,

but this holiday season

doesn't have to be

Sure, the pandemic has left us feeling out of control in more ways than we can count, but I'm here to help you take back the reins, get intentional in your giving habits, and make a positive impact on the world around you.

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Conscious Consumer


Holidays 2020 Version

Starts December 1st!


What can you expect from the Conscious Consumer Challenge
Holidays 2020 Version?

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All December, with tips and strategies for a more intentional holiday season

Community Support

Exclusive (yet totally optional!) Facebook group of like-minded people for encouragement and accountability

Easy Actionable Steps

To infuse your gift-giving and holiday season with purpose, save money, support small businesses, and make an impact on the world around you.

Girl Holding Shopping Bags

What is Conscious Consumerism?

Short Answer: Thinking before you buy

Long Answer: Pausing before dishing out your hard-earned money and...

  • buying local over global

  • choosing small businesses over mass chain stores

  • opting for more sustainable products

  • preferring fair trade & ethical options

  • buying 2nd hand

  • repairing what's broken

  • reusing what you have

  • upcycling

  • making by hand

  • doing without

Exchanging Gifts

Join us for the Conscious Consumer Challenge, Holidays 2020 Version!

Starts December 1st

Oh, and it's totally free!